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Masteron Drostanolone is derived from DHT or dihydrotestosterone as Winstrol, Anavar and Primobolan to help control the production of estrogen by the aromatisation process. As Primobolan, it is effective for fat loss or gain mass, and helps harden the muscles.

Laboratory : La-Pharma,
Form : Injection,
Molecule : Drostanolone Propionate,
Concentration : 100mg/ml,
Presentation : Vial 10ml,
Recommended dosage : 100-400mg/week


Masterone (Drostanolone Propionate = Masteron; with short, immediate effect) is a product for cycles to increase strength and muscle mass. It is used a lot in dry cycles because it provides a striated and ripped look. Bottle of 10ml, 100mg / ml.

With use of this product, you will get:

A very significant increase in muscle mass.
An impressive increase in strength.
Masteron is a great injectable steroid if you wish to increase strength and to have shapely, defined muscles.

As a part of a mass gaining cycle, Masteron combines very well with Dianabol ou Anabol,, Androlic, or Testosterone orNandrolone or Parabolan ou Boldenone.

As part of a lean mass cycle, Masteron combines very well with Winstrol , Primobolan ou Primabolan, Clenbuterol, Cytomel.

Take this product for a minimum of 8 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks.

Dose: 200-600 mg per week

1 review for Masteron [Drostanolone Propionate 100mg] – 10ml – LA Pharma

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Paul C

    Je suis plus que catégorique; le Masteron 100 est un authentique. J’ai vu de fabuleux résultats en très peu de temps. Merci understeroids

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